AHSNs have a primary responsibility to their member and partner organisations within the geography in which they operate. Each of the 15 AHSNs has developed a bespoke offer that reflects local priorities, whilst contributing to the collective AHSN endeavour.

EMAHSN’s focus is on delivering outcomes more efficiently through the adoption and spread of proven innovations and initiatives at pace and scale. NHS England’s Five Year Forward View provides the critical template and strategic context for our business plan. Variations in the quality of care and deep rooted health inequalities remain despite improvements in some aspects of NHS delivery. Radical new solutions are required, built upon new partnerships and approaches to public health.

Engaging patients and the public is central to EMAHSN’s work, and our establishment of the East Midlands PPI Senate will continue to develop this engagement, alongside our work to meet and exceed our Public Sector Equality Duty through our targeted work with Black, Asian, minority ethnic and other groups with protected characteristics.

Alongside the other AHSNs, we are committed to supporting and driving transformation. For example, all AHSNs will play a role in the implementation of the innovation Test Bed sites for worldwide innovators.

Developing new and closer ways of working with industry, and in particular life sciences companies, is a vital element of our work. Our industry networking enables us to more rapidly put into practice innovations that can deliver big improvements in patient care, and it also supports a vibrant and successful UK life sciences industry.
If you are interested in any of our work or want to know more please contact us.              
We have remained faithful to our vision, purpose and values that reflect the four core objectives of our licence with NHS England. Within our overall portfolio, we have three programme areas (clinical, patient safety and industry and enterprise) and enabling activities – supported by corporate (e.g. governance) and operational activity.

We have identified the six clinical areas as being of particular priority for development and expansion:

From time to time we may issue “calls for proposals” for these priorities or other areas of importance as they arise. We are interested to hear from organisations and companies with ideas for proven innovations that can make a significant impact in any of these areas. If you think have a proven idea visit the “How can we help?” section of this website.

As well as supporting all of our major programmes, we have identified five offers that play an important role in improving patient outcomes and experience in the East Midlands. These are delivered through a series of enabling activities that maximise our impact through a system wide focus on issues of national and local importance, ensuring capacity for adoption and spread.  The five enabling offers we provide are:

You can pdfdownload an EMAHSN offers leaflet here.