Florence Simple Telehealth (Flo) is a free to the patient NHS owned text messaging service that has a proven record of promoting patient self-management of their long term conditions and facilitating improved health outcomes. Flo uses the patient’s own mobile or landline telephones and low cost biometric devices such as blood pressure monitors. It enables healthcare professionals to send text messages to patients to request vital signs readings, send appropriate reminders, e.g. medication prompts, as well as targeted and supportive health messages or advice. These messages can be individualised and personalised to ensure that different patient groups are not disadvantaged and that the information is relevant and important to the individual.

You can read our impact report about Flo here.

EMAHSN has also funded Flo for five services within the acute hospital sector.  We have produced a report on this which can be accessed below, along with suppoting example documentation relating to Flo 'Patient Information Packs'.

(Note - the information packs are bespoke for each patient and the documents below do not represent what every patient would receive).

pdfReport: Implementation of Florence Simple Telehealth for five services within the acute hospital setting 2015/6

Patient information examples
pdfInformed Consent for SMS text Flo Telehealth Service Parkinson's

pdfEMAHSN Flo Evaluation Form July 2015

pdfFlo patient message info med reminder

pdfFlo Patient Information sheet

pdfFlo leaflet July 2012