EMAHSN's Health Analytics programme takes a research based approach to projects and service improvements. Our vision is to become leaders of data analysis and health informatics in the East Midlands (and wider), providing tools and practical support for all trusts in the region as they meet the challenge to improve healthcare outcomes while delivering cost effective services. We know that skilful analysis of data, both existing and new sources, will be a key enabler for this to happen and we will develop the tools, skills and knowledge to deliver these aims not just within the workstream itself, but within trusts also.

The aim of this programme is to use novel methods of data collection from a wide range of sources and utilise expert analysis to improve patient care by understanding opportunities for improving the delivery of healthcare across the region. We combine our internal expertise with industry and academic partners to ensure innovative methods can be quickly utilised and adapted. More information on the workstream objectives and how this supports the rest of the Network can be found in our business plan.              
We have summarised some of the work in on the following pages: SkillsData and Tools. However we want to understand how we can support organisations in the region and therefore have launched a survey to find out your views on what our work should involve. The survey only takes a few minutes and is your opportunity to shape the work that we do. Please complete the survey here.

If you have an area that you are looking at, give us a call and we will let you know how we can help.

All of the solutions we discover will be shared freely; we only ask that any improvements are fed back to us so we can continually advance. In addition, we can also help you implement the solutions.              
  • Analysis of complex information to support care pathways, organisational change and decision making
  • Prediction / modelling / simulation
  • Innovative and new methods of analysis alongside existing tools e.g. Qlikview
  • Local analysis resource/expertise to draw upon rather than expensive commercial providers
  • Development of research driven, practical tools for managers and clinicians to improve care
  • Implementation support and advice e.g. training, change management, eLearning etc.
  • East Midlands benchmarking tool (and advising organisation on effective use of the tool)
  • Region-wide data analysis on existing data
  • Development of new datasets / reporting tools
  • Exploring the integration of 'hidden data' – mental health, social care etc.
  • 'Big data' analysis (new answers from existing data)
  • Supporting links with industry
  • Partnership on research project
  • Data analysis support for specific projects
  • Facilitating dissemination and sharing of projects and best practice
  • Links to academia and research
  • Source of general advice and support relating to informatics (pool of expertise)