Last updated: 19/10/2017

Below are current and upcoming funding opportunities, more information about each funding source can be found by clicking through the links below.  If you have any questions one of our commercial team may also be able to help you:

Midlands Engine: British Business Bank, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Department for Communities and Local Government and 10 Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs)
Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF) Who can apply    Closing date
In line with the Government’s Midlands Engine Strategy the MEIF is designed to provide greater support to the region’s smaller businesses, accelerate economic growth and promote job creation. The fund launch has been marked with the publication of a new report on the current state of the regional economy and funding landscape, Spotlight: The Midlands Engine Investment Fund

The first wave of funding through the MEIF consists of £120million and is composed of two separate lots:
- £30million of small business loans valued at £25,000 to £150,000
- £90million of debt finance worth £100,000 to £1.5million

The £120million fund is part of a wider £250million commitment, with further funding to be made available in due course.
Businesses in the East Midlands, South East Midlands and West Midlands Ongoing
BioCity Accelerator Programme Who can apply Closing date
BioCity Accelerator Programme offers businesses, regardless of company age, experience or time commitments with a clear route to raising investment, accelerated path to market, coaching in the latest tools for entrepreneurial excellence. 
The programme backs promising ventures from early stage convertible loans to help your venture off the ground, to the equity investment more established companies need to grow, our accelerator graduates can access crucial funding via the dedicated BioCity Group investment fund.
Any size company Register to SPARKS by 17 Nov

Nightingale H2020


 Who can apply Closing date
Funding available to work with five major European hospitals to develop, test, and validate the next generation of acute care monitoring systems that can be used in hospitals or in the home. The goal is to develop systems that are wireless, intelligent and allow interactions by patients. Large and small companies Dec 2017

Medilink East Midlands
Innovation Support Grants Who can apply Closing date
Up to £10,000 of grant funding is available to help SMEs overcome barriers to innovation by resourcing things that cannot be done in house (due to lack of skills, expertise and equipment), to help you to develop new services, processes or products that could serve the healthcare/life science industry.
For more info contact: 0115 822 3154; email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
East Midlands SMEs Ongoing

ERDF, EMAHSN & Medilink
Medtech Trial Programme Who can apply Closing date 
A major new ERDF funded programme for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire based medical technology companies is offering funding and support to set up clinical trials, helping them to build the evidence needed to win new business from NHS organisations.

The MedTech Trial Programme includes:
- Up to 50% match funding to SME’s to support trials which will provide clinical evidence of efficacy for products
- Introduction to research and innovation groups within NHS Trusts who are interested in hosting clinical trials
- Assistance in defining the most appropriate type of trial in order to support NHS market adoption
- Signposting to funding and support that may be available from other agencies
SME based in the D2N2 LEP  Ongoing

Health Enterprise East
Medtech Accelerator Who can apply Closing date
The Medtech Accelerator has been set up to facilitate the early stage development of innovations in the broad area of medical technology (devices, diagnostics, software and eHealth) that meet unmet clinical needs within the NHS. Individuals or teams within eligible NHS organisations 1 Dec 

Innovate UK
Precision medicine: impacting through innovative technology Who can apply Closing date
The focus of this competition is to support the development of precision medicine technologies. Precision medicine is defined as better method of targeting treatments for patients by combining clinical knowledge with advances in diagnostic techniques and data analysis. Precision medicine is also referred to as stratified medicine or personalised medicine. This competition is open for Feasibility Studies, or Industrial Research and Experimental Development projects. Application must be led by SMEs 25 Oct
Medicines manufacturing round 1: challenge fund Who can apply Closing date
£15 million in innovation projects in medicines manufacturing to be funded through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. The competitions aim is to stimulate the development and implementation of innovative methods/technologies to improve the manufacture of novel medicines for human use. Proposals must offer innovative approaches to medicines manufacturing challenges. The competition is split into two areas, feasibility studies and Industrial Research and Experimental Development Application must be led by SMEs  1 Nov
Emerging and Enabling Technologies Competition: Round 3 Who can apply Closing date:
The aim of this competition is to help businesses to innovate in order to find sources of revenue from new products, processes or services. 
Projects must show significant innovation in one of the priority areas which are; emerging technologies, digital, enabling capabilities, including electronics, sensors and photonics (ESP), robotics and autonomous systems (RAS), creative economy and design, space applications.
Application must be led by SMEs 8 Nov

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Health Technology Assesment (HTA) Who can apply  Closing date   

HTA Commisioned call
 - various themes

HTA Researcher led call
 - various themes

NHS organisations,
Academia, Industry (need NHS or academic partner to lead)
30 Nov
25 Jan 18

5 Dec
Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme (EME) Who can apply Closing date
EME Commissioned call - various themes

EME Researcher led call
NHS organisations,
Academia, Industry
28 Nov

28 Nov
Public Health Research Programme (PHR) Who can apply Closing date
PHR commissioned call - various themes

PHR Researcher led call - various themes
NHS organisations,
Academia, Industry (need NHS or academic partner to lead)
14 Nov

21 Nov

Wellcome Trust
Innovator Awards Who can apply     Closing date
These awards support researchers who are transforming great ideas into healthcare innovations that could have a significant impact on human health. Current focus areas are mental health, neurological disorders and neglected tropical diseases Any orgs, including industry  Ongoing

Nesta & Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
Innovator Prize Who can apply  Closing date 
The £50,000 prize aims to help smaller inventors overcome the barriers they face such as access to resources and support and open to products that relate to any issue as long as that product helps to make people’s lives better, thereby helping to tackle a social issue affecting the UK. The prize will help to develop the innovation, build capacity and raise profile of lone or small scale inventors. UK Innovators (can be an individual innovator, small teams or small companies)   22 Oct

Local Investment and Business Development  Programmes

Department for International Trade & Eurpoean Union ERDF
International Trade Grants Who can apply    Closing date   
Grants to encourage SMEs to overcome the barriers to trading internationally by providing match funding for ‘internationalisation tools'   SME's 31 Mar 2018    

East Midlands Chamber’s
Digital Growth Programme Grant Scheme Who can apply Closing date
This grant funding scheme aims to support businesses in exploiting their existing technology solutions or with the introduction of new systems and software to assist with the implementation of new digital resources, in order to improve business performance and productivity. SMEs from Derby, Derbyshire, Leicester, Leicestershire, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire  Ongoing

University of Derby
Invest to Grow Who can apply Closing date
Companies wanting to develop or improve their products and related services.  Collaborative research between businesses and universities and development projects for enterprises.

Innovation in products, processes and systems that will result  in business and supply chain efficiency, resilience, growth and profitability.

Projects that are collaborative between SMEs and/or that  lever other funding streams will be particularly attractive.
SME's, social enterprises, sole traders and partnerships Ongoing 
Knowledge Exchange for Innovation Who can apply Closing date
The KEI fund is designed to encourage collaboration between SMEs and the University of Derby. The University is looking to support SMEs to become more innovative and realise their growth ambitions SME in the D2N2 area Ongoing

Growing Places Fund  Who can apply Closing date
Loans to individual companies or organisations are now being offered to finance capital investment, resulting in business growth and job creation.

Funded projects must be located within D2N2 LEP’s area. Preference will be given to projects which deliver on the LEP’s strategic priorities and key areas of economic focus
Businesses in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby, Derbyshire area Ongoing 
Business Growth Fund Who can apply Closing date 
The N2 Business Growth Fund provides grants to support businesses in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire that are planning to grow through innovation. The fund contributes to investment in capital projects, research & development and new technologies, leading to business growth and the creation of new jobs. Businesses in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire area Ongoing
Technology Grants Who can apply Closing date
The technology grant scheme aims to provide financial support in exploiting existing technology solutions or, with the introduction of new systems and software, to assist with the implementation of new digital resources to improve business performance and productivity to grow your organisation.  Businesses in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby, Derbyshire area Ongoing

Leicester City Council

Leicester City Investment fund Who can apply  Closing date 
Types of investment could include:
Infrastructure provision at key development sites
Acquisition of land or commercial / industrial property
Construction or development of commercial / industrial / housing property, including extensions to premises
Other proposals related to inward investment
Industry looking to invest in Leicester  Ongoing

Other funding

For Venture Capital (VC) investment funds – please contact EMAHSN commerical team or Medilink East Midlands to learn of VC operating in the healthcare sector.

Upcoming funding

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
Invention for Innovation (i4i) product development award Who can apply Competition opens
Product development awards support research and development of medical devices, active implantable devices and in vitro diagnostic devices in any area of existing or emerging clinical need. These awards comprise early and late stages of research and development, including the clinical development of laboratory-validated technologies or intervention NHS organisations,
Academia, Industry
1 Nov