With over 23,000 new cases each year, tackling Cancer across the region and efficiently meeting the growing demands which the disease places upon health services is a key priority for the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network. 1 in 3 people will get Cancer and 1 in 4 will die.

Our Cancer programme resulted from our region-wide ‘innovation exchange’ event organised by EMAHSN to bring together experts to discuss the challenge and identify innovative solutions. We’ve worked with a cross-range of representatives from the NHS, universities, patient groups, cancer charities and industry.

EMAHSN is supporting projects related to the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer, through the use of technology or revised service provision arrangements to improve services and outcomes for patients and / or provide efficiencies for NHS providers and commissioners throughout the East Midlands. The projects range from a collaboration with Amgen Ltd. - a major pharmaceutical company - to working with a small medium enterprise (SME) recently spun-out from The University of Nottingham. As well as initial funding, we’re also providing expertise and support in order to overcome barriers to the rapid implementation of these innovations across the whole of the region.

The programme currently consistent of three projects:
  • Breast cancer risk screening - ‘Family History Risk Assessment Software’ (FaHRAS)
  • Improving post cancer diagnosis outcomes - Electronic Holistic Needs Assessment (eHNA)
  • Moving therapy for bone metastases in cancer patients into the community - denosumab (XGEVA®)