East Midlands Patient First posters 2017

pdfPascal Safety Climate Survey: developing a safety culture in emergency departments and maternity units
pdfDelirium Prevention in Elective Orthopaedic Surgery: A quality improvement project
pdfUsing the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) to enhance learning from serious incidents in healthcare
pdfLPZ: Improving safety in care homes

Useful information and contacts

pdfGuiding principles paper from NHSE
pdfEast Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative priorities brochure
pdfHow to join our online community
pdfEast Midlands Patients Safety Collaborative Annual Report
pdfStakeholder engagement and scoping exercise to determine local patient safety priorities
pdfPeer review standards serious incident investigation score sheet June 2015
pdfMike Durkin EMAHSN visit February 2016

The Q initiative
 (connecting people skilled in improvement across the UK)
NHS England
NHS Sustainable Improvement Team (formerly NHS Improving Quality)
Sign up to Safety campaign - resources
Your guide to Strategic Workforce Education Traning - reducing the risk of delirium 

Pressure ulcer information - react to red

EMAHSN Patient and Public Involvement 

pdfWhat is a pressure ulcer A5 leaflet
pdfPressure ulcer information for carers
pdfPressure ulcer information for patients

You can order hard copies of these from the PSC team, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

East Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative Event March 2015 - presentations and related documents

pdfEast Midlands Patient Safety Collaborative Event programme March 2015
pdfPSC full day presentation
pdfDeveloping a Safety Culture Materclass
pdfDeveloping our Capability Masterclass
pdfDischarge and Transition Masterclass
pdfMeasurement for Improvement Masterclass

You can access all our stakeholder briefings and update papers below.

pdfPSC stakeholder update report Dec 14

pdfPSC stakeholder update report Feb 15

pdfPSC stakeholder update report May 15

Pressure ulcer prevention - step by step guide by Nottingham CityCare Tissue Viability Services

Carolyn Canfield talks about the Citizen Patient, shared decision making with clinicians and
patient led care

New video to help brief patients on patient safety

Delirium - and how a routine 4 day stay in hospital became 4 weeks

LPZ pilot - safety in care homes