QbTest child using the Qbtech systemEMAHSN is working with international company Qbtech Ltd to spread the use of an innovative computerised test for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

‘QbTest’ is the only CE marked and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared, ADHD test that measures attention, impulsivity and motor activity all at the same time – a core requirement for accurate and timely diagnosis of ADHD.

The pioneering project is being rolled out during 2017 within 7 sites across Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.

ADHD begins in childhood and often persists into adult life. Latest statistics from the Centre of Mental Health suggest that around 1.5% of young people aged 5-16 years have ADHD: around 12,000 young people are estimated to have the condition in the East Midlands, with a long-term cost to society of £100,000 per case, or £12m.

Public Health England estimates that the number of East Midlands’ young people with ADHD in the 16-24 age range is even higher, at more than 76,000.

Over the last 10 years there has been a six-fold increase in the prevalence and rate of medication prescriptions for ADHD in the UK. Assessment and diagnosis is based on subjective clinical observation, interviews and observer questionnaire reports.

The East Midlands project aims to transform care within the region by using the computerised system - alongside observation and interviews – to improve diagnosis and deliver significant savings to trusts. This will be achieved by reducing the number of appointments to diagnosis, and by ruling out ADHD sooner for ambiguous cases.

The project launched in January and is being used successfully in United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (Women and Children’s Services Directorate), Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Children’s Health Services) and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (Families, Young People and Children's Services).

Professor Mike Hannay, Managing Director of EMAHSN said, “We are delighted to be supporting this ground-breaking innovation spread throughout the East Midlands. We are looking forwarding to gaining more real-world deployment experience and using this to embed and spread the solution even further.”

Dr Julie Clarke, Consultant Paediatrician at United Lincolnshire Hospitals and Clinical Lead for the project said, “As a clinician with extensive experience in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, I can honestly say that the addition of QbTesting has revolutionised my clinical practice. As a result of this initiative, supported by EMAHSN and the fabulous team at Qbtech, I have been able to totally redesign the Community Paediatric ADHD Assessment pathway in the Trust, which I strongly believe will improve the speed and accuracy to ADHD diagnosis. The feedback from clinicians, parents and schools so far has all been extremely positive. We are already planning how we can extend the use of QbTests into other areas.”

Tony Doyle, Managing Director of Qbtech commented, “We are excited to work alongside the dedicated staff at EMAHSN and the skilled clinicians who are fundamental to this project. So far, more than 1000 young people have been QbTested and I am confident they will benefit from a faster, more informative ADHD assessment process."

Objective computerised systems - like QbTest - have potential to improve current NHS practice by shortening assessment time, increasing accuracy of diagnosis and ensure that appropriate treatment can commence at the earliest opportunity.

The EMAHSN project will seek to evaluate these factors and others.


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About Qbtech
- Qbtech provide cleared ADHD Tests to NHS clinics (QbTest) and schools (QbCheck)

- QbTest is an ADHD Testing system with an infra-red motion capture camera and a computerised test of sustained attention. It shortens assessment so treatment can be given earlier, improves the confidence of specialists to rule in and rule out ADHD whilst improving communication between doctors, parents and schools. More information:

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