This provides group therapy for people with bipolar disorder, and is delivered within mental health provider organisations across the East Midlands. This NICE-approved Group Psychoeducation methodology aims to improve the care, recovery and function of service users, and reduce their relapse and re-admission - improving patient outcomes, improving the efficiency of services and saving money for the NHS. Patients receive information on their illness and work with family members to develop personalised coping strategies.

Few adults with bipolar disorder access appropriate psychological interventions because of capacity and training issues within mental health services.

NICE recommends Group Psychoeducation for Bipolar Disorder. These structured group sessions can be highly successful in treating patients in the early stages of bipolar disorder compared to standard peer-support offered by the NHS and voluntary sector.

Key impacts 2018/19:

100 patients will complete the programme within the East Midlands saving £157,850.

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