Transforming Long Term Conditions through innovation workshops - 24 January 2017

EMAHSN held an event on 24 January focused on patients with the following Long Term Conditions (LTCs):
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
Plus, reducing falls amongst our older people living with frailty.

Successful delivery of the five East Midlands Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) is of vital importance to improving patient care and delivering essential efficiency savings. Proven innovations produced by industry in collaboration with NHS and third sector organisations will be at the heart of NHS transformation across the region.  The event was held to bring sectors together and co-produce solutions to key LTCs challenges in our region.

We've produced a pdfshort data and further information pack about the challenge areas / LTCs to help attendees focus on key issues.

A copy of the event brochure from the day including speaker biographies and case studies is available pdfhere as well as the pdfdelegate list

Download a pdfsummary of innovative solutions available from the companies who registered for this event.

The event generated possible solutions areas:
  • Tele-monitoring and condition management Improved systems, support and education for GPs
  • Integration of community pharmacy services
  • Outpatient appointment scheduling
  • Population risk stratification and health management
  • Diabetic foot management
  • Diabetes self-management and education
  • Respiratory self-management
  • Respiratory (pulmonary) rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular diagnosis
  • Falls prevention and self-management
  • Falls monitoring
These areas have been reviewed and refined. Regional partners agreed to develop 3 areas in more detail and they form part of our EMAHSN CCG/STP Industry Engagement Programme - Supporting Innovation Based Transformation.

Others are not being taken forward, or work is already taking place in those areas on a national or regional level, e.g. diabetes.

Previous events:

May 18 2016 - Innovation Exchange event

Over 140 delegates from across the East Midlands region attended our event on 18 May 2016. We had more than 80 companies and representatives from East Midlands CCGs, Sustainable Transformation Plans (STPs) and NHS provider organisations.

Main speaker pdfpresentations can be downloaded here.

Download a pdfsummary of innovative solutions available from companies who registered for the event.

March 18 2016 - Presentation
pdfMarch 18 Full Meeting Presentation - Industry and CCG challenges and priorities, plus Sustainable Transformation Plans

Video - EMAHSN CCG and Industry Supporting NHS Transformation Plans Meeting Held 18 March 2016