Respiratory self-management supported by apps, devices and community based services reducing escalations, emergency acute admissions and unnecessary outpatient appointments

Including two specific areas

a. Improving inhaler technique

b. Diagnostics through pharmacy

What is the brief summary of the solution(s)?
  • To be able to refer patients to pharmacy for inhaler technique advice
  • Community pharmacy signpost patients for diagnosis
  • Increase case finding service – identify those at high risk (COPD/respiratory)
  • Deliver through community pharmacy
  • Using Lung MOT via GP practice to detect COPD earlier
  • Put steps in place to ensure community pharmacy has the chance to work as an integrated partner in Primary Care
  • Diagnosis screening offered by community pharmacy for LTC
  • Pharmacists using technology to improve adherence of medication including active monitoring of certain groups
  • Collecting better information to inform care
  • Use pharmacist to monitor and pull in to diagnose
  • Use patient choice to create incentive to pharmacists
  • Making use of community pharmacy to undertake inhaler technique and provide a discharge/new medicines services to patients discharges from hospitals following an exacerbation
List of innovative products and/or services that could be involved in the solution
  • Breathing monitor (consumer wearable) and indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring – 3M
  • Online Digital Tool
  • Sharing of information with pharmacies to support more care
  • Use of information to identify to pharmacists cohorts that would benefit from active intervention
  • Using pharmacists to guide algorithms to identify good practice and at risk groups
  • Bluetooth spacer training
  • Flo-tone device and app
Which clinical area(s) and pathway(s) does the solution involve?
  • Respiratory
  • Treatment
  • Self-Management
  • Diagnosis
Name and organisation of interested parties
  • Circassia - Paul Walshaw
  • Lloyds Pharmacy/Celesio - Kajal Ruda
  • University Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust - Jane Scullion
  • Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - Charlotte Bolton
  • Clement Clarke - Anthony Phillips
  • AstraZeneca - Christine Taylor
  • Cupris Health - Helene Viatge
  • Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - Helen Gregory
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd - John Mannering
  • LPC Nottinghamshire - Robert Severn
  • Evolve Health Care - Nicola Evans-Ward
  • Evolve Health Solutions - Nitin Makadia
  • Pharmoutcomes - Esther Harvey
  • 3M -  Dave Hodson
  • CARE IS ltd - Ian Rubin
  • Derbyshire Community Health Service Foundation Trust - Yan Kang
  • Boots - Malcolm Harrison
  • Sherwood Forest Hospitals - Mark Roberts
  • 3M - Dave Hodson
  • Stroke Association - Dawn Jevons
  • Sanofi - Mark Schofield
  • Nottingham CityCare Partnership - Emma Waring
  • Manor Pharmacy Group - Graham Phillips
  • NHS Business Service Authority -  Nicola Dickinson
  • NHS Rushcliffe CCG  - Elizabeth Harris
  • Pfizer - Gregory Rochelle
  • Connected Nottinghamshire -  Andy Evans
  • Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - Paul Hetherington
  • Manor Pharmacy Group - Graham Phillips
  • Notts LPC - Nick Hunter
How do I get involved and what is the timeline?