Improved systems, support and education for GPs demonstrator will be deployed in South Lincolnshire. This will build upon existing GP engagement and will ensure consistency with the current care portal development.

The demonstrator will scope the decision support functionality, the input required to implement the referral pathway elements, along with the IM&T resource to shape the technical aspects of the specification. Lincolnshire STP has confirmed support.

The GP support, education and referrals solution group is in the process of drafting the service specification in readiness to undertake a call for proposals. Expected completion end of October 2017.

What is the brief summary of the solution(s)?

  • Provide guidance for GPs to undertake certain tests before referral
  • Standardised protocols for Health Care Professionals
  • Support GP’s with providing educational information about the condition to efficiently diagnose and refer with the right criteria and tests to the right care setting supported with health education
List of innovative products and/or services that could be involved in the solution
  • Data extraction of GP records
  • GRASP tool – PRIMIS
  • Prism Pathway referral tool
Which clinical area(s) and pathway(s) does the solution involve?
  • All clinical areas and pathways
Interested organisations
  • Lincolnshire Community Health Service NHS Trust
  • Lakeside Healthcare
  • South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Yecco
  • VideoDoc
  • NHS Leicestershire Health Informatics
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