A Falls Prevention and Monitoring demonstrator will be deployed in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR). This will build upon a well-established LLR Falls Group and links with existing plans to introduce new integrated falls prevention services. The LLR STP has confirmed support.

The falls solution group has completed the scoping and high-level design of the demonstrator site. The tender has now been published and is available here.

What is the brief summary of the solution(s)?

  • Interactive web and digital enabled tool that links best local and national practice to prevent, educate, sign post, reduce and treat
  • Connecting pathways across falls, prevention and treatment
  • Web-based support based on best local and national practice in a relevant and accessible way, using different formats
  • Capturing data and analysing data providing outputs in an agreed common format to be able to link pathways together
  • Appropriate and swift reaction to patients who fall
  • Redesign falls pathway (Value Stream)
  • Make use of monitoring technology to optimise capacity and clarify demand
  • Remote monitoring of patients in home to capture falls or changes in behaviour
  • Link to Prevent, Assess, Review and Treat (PART) plus messaging to patients and carers
List of innovative products and/or services that could be involved in the solution
  • Smart Messenger
  • Community-based intervention (Pharmacy etc)
  • Web-based interactive tool
  • Sensors/cameras to detect falls
  • Verbal sensor to alert patient to risk activity/body position (Loughborough University) to allow balance adjustment, blood pressure drop when stood
  • Ferring Tablet
  • Stroke Association - My Stroke Guide
  • Smart Messenger
Which clinical area(s) and pathway(s) does the solution involve?
  • Falls
  • Fall monitoring
  • Prevention
  • Self-Management
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