Online devices for remote monitoring for falls or risk of falls and pathway change for rapid intervention to reduce escalation and emergency acute admissions

What is the brief summary of the solution(s)?

  • Appropriate and swift reaction to patients fall
  • Redesign falls pathway (Value Stream)
  • Make use of monitoring technology to optimise capacity and clarify demand
  • Remote monitoring of patients in home to capture falls or changes in behaviour
  • Link to Prevent, Assess, Review and Treat (PART) plus messaging to patients and carers
List of innovative products and/or services that could be involved in the solution
  • Appello
  • Value Stream Experts
  • Philips (Homesafe and CareSage analytics)
  • Vision 360
  • Sensors
  • Vision 360
  • Fortus – data sharing
Which clinical area(s) and pathway(s) does the solution involve?
  • Falls
  • Prevention
  • Self-management
Name and organisation of interested parties
  • Appello - Leon Rudd
  • Value Stream Experts - Lorne Walters
  • East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust - Peter Mason
  • Leicester City Council - Ashok Popat
  • Vision 360 -  Eddie Abrams
  • Philips -  Andy Cachaldora
  • Loughborough University-  Baihua Li
  • VideoDoc - Damian Kissane
  • Evolve Health Solutions - Nicola Evans-Ward
  • Capgemini -  Andy Payne
  • Fortrus - Steve Cooper
How do I get involved and what is the timeline?