Earlier and improved Cardiovascular Diagnosis through use of devices, pathway change and education reducing escalations and emergency acute admissions, increase efficiency in primary care and unnecessary outpatient appointments

What is the brief summary of the solution(s)?

  • Identify potential at risk population (proactive screening)
  • Clinician education – GP upskilling – evidence based clinical template
  • Remote patient monitoring with (those on warfarin) with results into GP clinical system
  • Apply technology across the pathway and community pharmacy to support AF screening
List of innovative products and/or services that could be involved in the solution
  • Alivecor for AF diagnosis
  • 3M for analytics
Which clinical area(s) and pathway(s) does the solution involve?
  • Cardiovascular
  • Self-management
  • Treatment
  • Diagnosis
Name and organisation of interested parties
  • Alivecor - Francis White
  • Medtroni -  Lisa Jones
  • Helicon Health - Tony Bowden and Matt Leaning
  • 3M - Mike Norton
  • Tickerfit -  Avril Copeland
  • VideoDoc- Damian Kissane
  • iHealthLabs - Louie LYU
  • CARE IS ltd - Ian Rubin
  • Telefonica - Stuart Taylor
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb -  Liz Hayward Reed
  • East Midlands Clinical Network - Martin Cassidy
  • Capgemini - Andy Payne
  • Qardio - Richard Cardow
  • Erewash CCG - Joanna Warburton
How do I get involved and what is the timeline?