Before any NHS organisation will purchase a product they will look for an evaluation to have been completed. Assistance and guidance on how to gather the relevant evidence can be provided by us. We offer a literature review service to partner organisations - NHS health and social care providers and commissioners in the East Midlands. We have called these reviews SPARKLERs which stands for: SPreading Applied Research & Knowledge – Longer Evidence Review. 

We work closely with partner organisations such as NHIR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC East Midlands) and Centre for Health Equipment and Technology Adoption (CHEATA) who can help evaluate your products and produce the correct evidence for potential customers as well as advising on the regulatory approvals that may be required.

We can also signpost to organisations such as The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) who provide national guidance and advice to improve health and social care and carry out reviews of products and treatments, producing evidence-based guidance and advice for health, public health and social care practitioners. NICE evaluate innovations through a number of programmes, including Technology Appraisals, Medical Technologies Evaluation, Diagnostics Assessment Programme, Highly Specialised Technologies.

Medilink East Midlands has a team of advisors that can support SMEs to facilitate early stage clinical evaluations for the development of a pilot stage clinical evidence base for new technologies. This will support access to finance for further, full-scale, clinical studies.