Spreading innovation across any healthcare system is a challenge and the NHS is no exception. This is a challenge we are here to address. Our aim is to match the needs of the NHS with proven innovations to improve clinical outcomes, deliver better patient experiences and drive down the cost of care. We have done this through our Innovation Exchanges.

We have evaluated many theoretical and practical approaches to the spread and adoption of innovation, applying those learnings to all our programmes.

If you have a proven an idea or innovation we have developed a robust process to ensure we can support projects that will provide the greatest benefits to residents in the East Midlands and beyond. Find out how we can support and how to submit your proposal here.

The Innovation and Technology Payment scheme has been introduced to facilitate the uptake of innovative products, technologies and services across the NHS. We provide support to NHS colleagues across the region facilitating the roll out of innovations on the ITP for the benefit of patients, clinicians and innovators.

NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) provides exceptional individuals from a variety of sectors with the unique opportunity to learn and work with mentors to accelerate the uptake of their evidence-based innovations. We continue to support NIA fellows and are keen to help new applicants from our region.

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