• Predicting readmissions risk
  • Predicting a patient's length of stay to assist with capacity planning
  • Predicting emergency department attendances to help with elective planning
We are exploring the following ideas for longer term projects. Deciding on which projects we undertake will be undertaken involving our stakeholders. If you have a view or would like more information, please contact our Project Manager, Glen Howard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0115 8231912.
  • Modelling whole pathways e.g. emergency care across organisation and provider boundaries
  • Analysis to support NUH hospital wide early warning tool and patient acuity tool (SPARKS)
  • Disease specific, patient centred pan-organisation data set/analysis
  • Predicting individual patients' length of stay and risk of readmission
  • Patient safety costing tool and review of complications from specific procedures
  • Analysis of out of hours activity
  • Specific research e.g. respiratory admissions and weather
  • Analysis supporting planning for 7 day working