Successful delivery of the five East Midlands Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) is of vital importance to improving patient care and delivering essential efficiency savings. Proven innovations produced by industry in collaboration with NHS and third sector will be a key enabler in the delivery of STP target outcomes.

EMAHSN is working with the region’s STPs, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and health and social care providers to deliver a programme supporting the adoption and spread of proven innovative products and services. We held an Innovation Exchange event, attended by over 250 representatives from industry, third sector, NHS and social care, as well as patient representatives.

The event focused on initial challenge areas linked to improving care and efficiency for patients with the following Long Term Conditions (LTCs):
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Falls reduction amongst older people living with frailty
The target outcomes are:
  • Reduction or elimination of wasteful and unnecessary acute based outpatient appointments
  • Increasing efficiency of care in primary care (particularly related to GP activity)
  • Reduction in instances of escalation and emergency acute admissions
During workshops at the event initial proposals for innovative solutions to the initial challenge were created and delegates had the opportunity to confirm their interest in being involved in the further development and co-production of specific solutions. The response at the event was amazing, with over 100 initial solution proposals generated and many new connections made between all the groups represented.

EMAHSN have reviewed the output of the event and grouped all the proposals addressing the initial challenge into 12 solution areas. Each solution area may cover several related proposals generated at the event and will often contain innovative products from more than one company, sometimes including competing products.

Between now and the end of March the solutions will be co-produced into full proposals by representatives from industry, third sector organisations, the NHS and social care. These will be reviewed by senior representatives from the region’s STPs and CCGs. Those with the potential for making a significant contribution to the target outcomes of the region’s transformation plans will be taken forward to demonstrator and spread and adoption phases. EMAHSN will offer support during this time and specific companies, third sector organisations and NHS/social care provider organisations will also be selected.

Have a look a the 12 solution areas below and see who is already signed up:
  1. Tele-monitoring and condition management
  2. Improved systems, support and education for GPs
  3. Integration of community pharmacy services
  4. Outpatient appointment scheduling
  5. Population risk stratification and health management
  6. Diabetic Foot management
  7. Diabetes self-management and education
  8. Respiratory self-management
  9. Respiratory (pulmonary) rehabilitation
  10. Cardiovascular diagnosis
  11. Falls prevention and self-management
  12. Falls monitoring
Download a pdfsummary of innovative solutions available from companies who registered for the event. For details on the previous events please visit the transformation events page.              
  • If you aren’t yet signed up to an area and would like to get involved then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating your name, organisation and contact details and the solution area(s) that you wish to be a part of
  • If you attended the event and have already signed up to one of these solutions we will keep you updated about further co-production
  • Sign up to take part in the co-production of the solution areas by Tuesday 28 February
  • Detailed solution proposals will be worked up by end March
  • Suppliers for selected solutions will be chosen via a call for proposals (details to be confirmed shortly)
  • Hosted by selected East Midlands NHS and social care providers, selected solutions will be deployed in demonstrator sites during 2017/18 and evaluated to confirm their impacts and outcomes
  • Support will be provided for the spread and adoption of solutions meeting the challenge needs