“We look forward to working in partnership with the PSC to continue to drive improvement and awareness across the East Midlands. Contributions to the work around Pressure Ulcer, Health Care Associated Infections and the wider safety agenda have been invaluable.”

Danni Burnett - Deputy Director of Nursing, NHS England, North Midlands


During the year NHS England established a national network of Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSCs) including one for the East Midlands developed by EMAHSN. We consulted and engaged with our partners to develop consensus on key patient safety priorities. Areas have been identified and are focused on supporting, building and championing effective leadership and development of a safety culture. This includes support for older people, suicide, delirium, restraint and transition of care.


The PSC has been set up to support, connect and potentiate initiatives, activities and people.

What’s the impact?

Please refer to the pdfPSC’s annual report.

What’s next?

The PSC will develop sustainable PSC models so that quality improvement in patient safety is embedded throughout the East Midlands health and social care community. You can visit our PSC pages for more information.