Chris Hart Diabetes Innovation ExchangeWhat?

Innovation Exchanges are events that cover a specific clinical area which, in consultation with our partners, are identified as a health and social care priority for the East Midlands. They are designed to inform industry and others on the key priorities and challenges in the area with a view to identifying applicable innovative products and services. The events are followed by a call for proposals from industry, third sector, NHS and public health organisations for projects promoting putting into practice at pace and scale proven innovations addressing one or more of the key needs in the specified area. In 2014-15 we held two Innovation Exchanges covering cancer and diabetes. Each event was attended by more than 150 representatives from all sectors across the region.


The events bring together a wide range of organisations and people who share best practice and learning. They are a catalyst for implementing already proven innovations which can enhance patients’ experiences and outcomes, save money and encourage industry partnerships.

What’s the impact?

Following EMAHSN’s Cancer Innovation Exchange, the call for proposals resulted in three new Cancer projects, two of which involve industry partners.

What’s next?

Successful diabetes projects will be announced and further Innovation Exchange events will take place, including one planned on mental health in 2015.