In order to strengthen our equality analysis process we have set up an external group of lay members to review each Equality Analysis before it is published.

The People’s Panel is made up of a diverse range of people who live in the East Midlands and have experience of one or more of the protected characteristics.

Panel members will share their expertise to provide an additional source of information to assess potential impact on the 8 protected characteristics.

Who is on the People’s Panel?
  • Mr Ayaiz Sharif
  • Ms Carolin Tomlinson
  • Ms Evadnie Rodney
  • Mr John Peach
  • Mr Leslie McDonald
  • Ms Maisie Lafond
  • Ms Sandra Paget
  • Ms Sandy Zavery
  • Ms Veronica Price-Job
We have an open application process for people to express an interest in joining the People’s Panel.To find out more about joining the People’s Panel please click dochere.