Health Education East Midlands has prioritised the development of educational packages that compliment the East Midlands Academic Health Science Network Older People with Frailty programme.

These initiatives include:
  • Collation of a Frail Older People Education Toolkit aimed at improving the quality and continuity of care delivered by Care Home professionals.
  • Embedding the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment in East Midlands' higher education institution's curricula.
  • Development of an East Midlands Dementia Awareness Programme in partnership with the East Midlands Strategic Clinical Network for Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions.
  • Delivery of a Falls and Balance education project in partnership with East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust.


Development and integration of educational oackages (aligned with our Informatics workstream)

Health Education East Midlands have co-designed an educational package with East Midlands Academic Health Science Network's Informatics team with the aim of enhancing access to attractive professional development pathways for talented and aspiring information analysts.

Fostering a progressive and innovative culture amongst healthcare professionals across the East Midlands

Health Education East Midlands and East Midlands Academic Health Science Network have developed a number of initiatives with the aim of supporting innovative and progressive thinking in a culture of continuous learning and a sustained focus on personal development across the East Midlands
health and social care sector. These include:
  • Expanding opportunities for graduate internships and apprenticeships including the development of a new school of inter-professional learning within Health Education East Midlands and the delivery of a Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals academic programme.
  • Partnering with the East Midlands Leadership Academy to design and deliver an Innovation from the Front-line master class as part of the academy's Emerging Leaders Workshop.
  • Embedding research as core business in the NHS by including experience of research within Health Education East Midlands' educational programmes.

Promoting and ensuring safe and compassionate care

The recent Berwick report, 'A Promise to Learn - a Commitment to Act' stated that "The single most important change in the NHS ... would be for it to become, more than ever before, a system devoted to continual learning and improvement of patient care, top to bottom and end to end"

Health Education East Midlands and East Midlands Academic Health Science Network are currently developing programmes in support of the National Patient Safety Collaborative Programme which involves the creation of up to 15 local collaboratives. This is an emergent theme within the Education and Training workstream which aims create a sustainable model for enhancing patient safety through education along with embedding the 'High Value Care' methodology into education and training initiatives for healthcare professionals.