VIP main imageOn 1 December 2014 we held our first Innovation Exchange Event. The event was focused on Cancer and brought together experts from across health, social care, charities and industry to seek new and innovative ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. The event was chaired by Sir Neil McKay, former Chief Executive of the NHS in the Midlands. Speakers included Dr Mick Peake who is Clinical Lead for the National Cancer Intelligence Network, and Poulam Patel who is Professor of Clinical Oncology at the University of Nottingham.

The call for proposals is closed, but presentations from the speakers and other supporting information and our video from the event can be downloaded below:

Click here to view the Cancer event video

pdfCancer Intelligence Report - East Midlands
pdfCancer Intelligence Report - summary and key findings
pdfChris Hart, EMAHSN Commercial Director
pdfRachel Munton, EMAHSN Managing Director
pdfJane Rudge, Macmillan Senior Development Manager
pdfDr Mick Peak, Clinical Lead, National Cancer Intelligence Network
pdfPoulam Patel, Professor of Clinical Oncology University of Nottingham
pdfDr Stephen Ryder, EM Strategic Clinical Networks
pdfChristine Richardson, NHSE and Amanda Sullivan Chief Operating Officer Newark and Sherwood Clinical Commissioning Group

The Cancer Intelligence Report has been created by our Informatics team. They can support and advide regarding data and information.


pdfTrish Knight, HEEM, Workforce Planning
pdfJohn F. R. Robertson, Nadeem Qureshi and Arun Tangri - Improving Early Diagnosis
pdfSandra Clarkson, Macmillan Development Manager, Independent Living Service
pdfWorkshop scribe notes