Integrated Multi-platform Biomarker Research and Knowledge Transfer

NMPN will bring together pathologists, molecular biologists, clinicians, computer scientists and the Nottingham Health Science Biobank. The team will work with Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, East Midlands Pathology and pharmaceutical / biotech companies in the area of infection, inflammation and fibrosis. These disease processes have variable outcomes and treatment responses for patients and will therefore benefit from being reviewed and classified to improve understanding.

NMPN will focus primarily on upper and lower gastrointestinal, respiratory tracts and the liver because they are very adversely affected by chronic infection / inflammatory conditions and feature amongst Nottingham’s major research strengths.

Combining local expertise, a huge tissue repository with linked real-time patient data and well defined clinical groups will allow:
  • testing of biomarkers to reveal hidden disease categories
  • testing of clinically stratified patient groups to reveal discriminatory biomarkers
  • robust biomarker validation enabling early clinical translation
NMPN will build mathematical models to integrate multi-platform biomarker data from multiple sources. The models will have flexibility, allowing integration of data from other sources (e.g. radiological imaging) meaning infection / inflammation models will be transferable to other diseases.

The NMPN is keen to work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to ensure research is translated from ‘bench-to-bedside’. NMPN will also aim to provide in-depth training for PhD students, new Fellowships in Molecular Pathology and rotation of NHS clinical pathology trainees through the Node.
More information: visit the NMPN website.